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Hyaluronic Serum Barbara Sturm

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Our favorite serum, the HYALURONIC SERUM in the convenient pipette bottle. It is full of highly concentrated long and short-chain hyaluronic acid molecules that provide intensive moisture. The serum acts as a super booster against wrinkles caused by dryness and uneven skin. The effect occurs immediately after application: noticeably firmer, deeply moisturized skin leaves you feeling relaxed and radiant. Due to the practical handling in the easy-to-dose pipette bottle, the serum is perfect for every day, as a cure or when traveling. Whether for use after sunbathing, a strenuous flight, heated air or simply as a refreshment before an evening out. The short-chain molecules can penetrate deeper into the skin, fill up the moisture depots in a sustainable manner and counteract the development of wrinkles caused by dryness. The long-chain hyaluronic acid immediately provides intensive moisture to the surface of the skin and gives the skin an instant refreshing effect. Purslane and skullcap are anti-inflammatory, protect your skin and activate the body’s own telomerase.

  • Packed with a concentrated balance of low and high molecularly weighted Hyaluronic Acid
  • Provides instant hydration
  • Boosts moisture to help reduce the formation of wrinkles caused by dehydration
  • Active anti-aging ingredient Purslane calms the skin and reduces the visible signs of irritation


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Hochkonzentrierte Hyaluronsäure, Purslane, Helmkraut

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30 ml


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Apply a few drops of the serum evenly to your face, eye area and neck before gently patting it in. Allow full absorption before following with Dr. Barbara Sturm's FACE CREAM.