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Twotec Skin Treatment


Every woman recognizes the small traces of aging when looking in the mirror, be it small wrinkles around the mouth, redness around cheeks and nose, bags or scars. Traditional cosmetics are often ineffective and cannot effectively treat these skin problems. Yet, the latest skin care technologies offer assistance:

The combination of ultrasound treatment and high-voltage current pulses helps to reduce wrinkles significantly and to strengthen the facial muscles. Twotec achieves a lifting effect without painful plastic surgery or injections.

Nursing substances penetrate the skin deeper and in much higher concentration than by mere application. At the same time, the high-voltage impulse promotes muscle activation, increased circulation, lymph activation and tightening of the connective tissue.

Twotec can be applied in multiple areas and shows great results with the following skin problems:

• acne
• puffiness
• rosacea
• anti-aging
• cellulite
• scars
• stretch marks
• pigment spots

The treatment shows immediate effects and protects the skin and the tissue at the same time. Reward your skin with a state-of-the-art rejuvenating treatment.

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