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Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure Schellack® & Vinylux®

Professional hand and nail care

Beautiful hands and nails are a sign for every woman. To a perfect manicure belong the shaping of the nails, the care of the nail skin and the hands. We have the latest trends from professionals. From classic manicures to hand treatments, to the latest nail polish of the high quality brand Schellack® & Vinylux®. Perfectly shaped fingernails, tidy nail skin, a polish or a matching nail polish are making your look complete. Nail care  by professionals in Madina Beauty Lounge.
Manikuere vinylux


Especially after autumn and winter, the feet are very stressed and rough. Inconspicuous cornea, as well as chapped and discoloured toe nails, so they do not fit your summer shoes and your feet need that little extra care. Madina Beauty Lounge makes sure that you will have in no time a glamorous appearance with perfectly groomed feet.

The innovative application for baby soft feet CALLUSPEELING-Ultra®

The new beauty miracle Calluspeeling is now available in Madina Beauty Lounge. The professional peeling application is a new way to keep your feet gentle and effective. The professional beauty application is done in 15 minutes. The results: gentle skin, a well-groomed appearance, beautiful smooth, very well maintained and finally away with the unsightly corneal remnants. The innovative Callus peeling gives you beautiful and soft feet. The beauty treatment is very pleasant and relaxing. Let yourself be indulged at Madina Beauty Lounge!

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