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Light Therapy


Light therapy is a major innovation in skin care, although its roots go far back. Back in ancient Egypt, sunlight was used to cure skin irritations and diseases.

A few years ago, this secret was rediscovered by the beauty industry. Thanks to light therapy the reduction of lines and wrinkles is now possible without painful surgery or injections. The treatment is painless and the side effects of sun exposure are being avoided.

The wavelength of the LED is 630 mm, which only penetrates the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates the collagen. The cell renewal is accelerated and therefore the elasticity of the skin is improved.

The skin treatment enhances the complexion’s radiance and inhibits the production of enzymes responsible for aging.

The benefits of light therapy can also be used on younger skin. The treatment reduces redness, inflammatory acne, and blackheads. Its antibacterial effect is created by the mixture of red and blue light rays and thus improves the appearance of the skin. Light therapy is also used in medicine to fight skin diseases such as stretch marks, cupreous, psoriasis, and eczema.

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