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To get an Intraceuticals oxygen facial treatment you don't need to fly to LA, visit Madina- The Science of Skin to meet Madina Arzueva, beautician and Intraceuticals official brand representative in Munich. Madina could be a pop star herself with her long dark hair and flawless complexion. What is her secret? She has been loyal to the same brand, for herself and her clients since 2011: Intraceuticals infusions and products.  oxygen facial treatment Since its launch, Intraceuticals client list has grown (Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani, Gisele Bundchen, David Beckham, and others) - with celebs requesting treatments before each photo session or television appearance. One whole section of the brand's website is devoted to praise from stars. Madina says a beautiful face begins with flawless and glowing skin.

Intraceuticals is the only brand to offer a treatment with a serum specially formulated to be infused deep into the skin with oxygen under pressure. Intraceuticals treatments are immediate, and you can see the effects within 24 hours of the treatment. The effects are also cumulative so their is lasting long-term benefits. 

So ladies, whether for a change of season when your skin is acting up, or before a special event (wedding, prom, first date, etc), or simply to offer a cure to express your face, free one hour for your agenda star care Intraceuticals at Madina - The Science of Skin.

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