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Gold Face Mask



When it comes to beauty, much can be learned from Cleopatra. The famous Egyptian queen shared many of her precious beauty secrets with us – one of them is the gold mask. She used the nourishing and pampering skin treatment to give her skin a radiant and healthy glow.

Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Stella McCartney, and Bella Hadid have already discovered the insider tip for themselves. But what advantages does the treatment offer?

The facial treatment with gold leaves contributes to the strengthening of the skin’s tissue and thus achieves a higher elasticity and resilience of the skin. The luxury mask slows down the degeneration of collagen and elastin and is, therefore, the perfect anti-aging agent. Due to the richness of the mask small wrinkles are immediately reduced.



Even for younger skin, the treatment with gold is highly recommended. Gold has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and ensures a pure and even complexion. Blemishes and acne can be effectively treated. In addition, the facial treatment is also suitable for people with allergies and can calm the skin after an extensive sunbath.

Reward yourself with a fresh and radiant complexion. Visit Madina- The Science of Skin! We can make this exceptional spa experience possible. Treat yourself to a relaxing skin treatment and feel like a queen.

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