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Chemical Peeling

The chemical peeling is an effective method for the rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin on the face, neck and décolleté, as well as on the hands. It removes dead, dry skin cells off the surface and brings a softer, smoother skin underneath to glow. A chemical that is applied to the skin surface, targets and destroys parts of the epidermis or dermis and stimulates their renewal. Chemical Peeling In the healing process the skin tissue regenerates and rejuvenates. It looks smoother, pure and youthful. In addition, chemical peeling is good for treating acne scars, enlarged pores, pigmentation changes, very oily skin. Use corrosive substances eliminates the chemical peel blemishes, aging of the skin and scars. 

Matched to the depth of the lesion and to your skin type, the concentration of peeling is be adjusted to your individual needs. Before starting treatment, I explain you exactly the process of the treatment and answer all your questions. 

Before beginning of the summer one should only exfoliate if direct sunlight is avoided, no holidays in sun intensive area planned and a daily UV-protection with SPF 50 is applied. 

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